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Frequently Asked Questions
Affordable Care at Home

Who pays the taxes? Working with Affordable Care at Home spares families of the trouble and risk involved with hiring a caregiver individually. With our services, families do not have to worry about employer’s tax withholdings, worker’s compensation insurance, or any of the other burdens and expenses associated with hiring someone on your own.

What happens when my usual assistant needs time off? Families who attempt to hire a caregiver on their own usually experience lesser reliability compared to families who work with Affordable Care at Home. Every employee needs vacation, sick days, and other time off. With Affordable Care at Home, it is our responsibility to find replacement help to fill-in when your usual assistant is off work.

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Is this a maid or housekeeping service? While the assistants we send to your home will help with meal preparation, cleaning, and laundry, the assistants you receive from Affordable Care at Home are more than maids or housekeepers. Every assistant we send to your home will be a certified nursing assistant registered with the board of nursing or a qualified HHA (Home Health Aide). This means they received special training and passed various tests in their abilities to professionally attend to the needs of people with chronic diseases such as diabetes or COPD, people with disabilities, retirees over the age of 70 and more. More specifically, Affordable’s certified nursing assistants will have an understanding of special nutritional needs, know how to safely and responsibly give medication reminders, know how to assist with ambulation in a way that will not hurt the client or the employee, etc.

In addition to the important certified nursing assistant credentialing, Affordable Care at Home also has aides certified in the care of people with Alzheimer’s and dementia as well as aides certified in the care of people with HIV.


Do you provide transportation assistance? Yes. Affordable Care at Home believes that safe and convenient transportation is a critical element to healthy living and quality of life. We can help clients to and from doctors’ appointments, hair dressers, social events, the grocery store, and more. We can also write your grocery list and do your grocery shopping for you. Your Affordable assistant may help with transportation in any of three ways:

If wheelchair accessible transportation is needed, your Affordable assistant can help arrange that vehicle from a separate company.

What about pet care? We are aware that some services refuse to do anything with pets, but Affordable Care at Home takes a more family-centric approach. We understand that pets are an important part of many families, and we do not believe that any retiree or disabled person should be forced to relinquish his or her pet just because he or she needs help with activities of daily living. That’s why Affordable Care at Home can and will make pet care part of your tailored service plan as needed.

What is heavy cleaning? We are aware that many aides you could hire elsewhere refuse to put heavy cleaning in their care plans. Heavy cleaning refers to the non-daily cleaning needs that may require additional physical capability on the part of the worker. This includes cleaning the stove, cleaning out the refrigerator, cleaning behind the stove and refrigerator, cleaning windows, etc.

Affordable Care at Home, on the other hand, understands that a clean home is a happy and healthy home. We are more than happy to make heavy cleaning part of your tailored service plan.