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You’re on a Journey toward In-Home Care: How Affordable Care at Home can Help Bring you Home

  • By Admin on October 05, 2017
  • Looking into in-home care services for yourself or for your loved one can be quite a journey. With many factors to consider such as your needs, finances, living situation and more, the path of searching for the perfect in-home care provider can seem like a huge undertaking. However, finding the right match is invaluable when it comes to ensuring the best quality of life.

    We at Affordable Care at Home have been providing quality in-home care services to the Treasure Coast and surrounding areas for half a decade. Our highly trained caregivers have been skillfully and compassionately bringing care right into the homes of our clients to effectively meet their needs. Knowing the importance of matching the right caregiver with each client and having a supportive, reputable company behind them, Affordable Care at Home would like to share some steps in this journey you may be planning along with our own process that makes the transition to in-home care seamless and worry-free.

    1. Find a trusted, reputable provider – This step is first and foremost of great importance as it will determine the quality of care you receive. Affordable Care at Home has only the highest of standards when it comes to the care, safety and comfort of our clients. Each of our caregivers are meticulously selected with specific qualifications and expectations to ensure only the most highly-trained, knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate individuals enter your home to provide care. Feedback from our clients and their families has been impeccable as we guarantee they receive quality in-home care services.

    2. Ask questions – Certainly there are many questions you have for an in-home care company you are considering, and it is very important that you ask them. Here at Affordable Care at Home, we are happy to answer any questions you may have so that you are informed of our services, payment options, experience, certifications, and more.

    3. Discuss your needs – Not all in-home care companies offer the same services to meet the unique needs of each individual, and it is important to share your needs and expectations. Affordable Care at Home is proud to offer a wide range of in-home care services that you may not find elsewhere, including: transportation, pet and plant care, meal prep, heavy cleaning, laundry, medication reminders, grooming/bathing and more. Your personal care manager will even come to your home, free of charge, to further assess your needs.

    4. Make a plan – Knowing how your days of receiving in-home care will be planned out will help you be prepared. Affordable Care at Home creates an individual care plan for each client that will meet your needs and suit your schedule. We even personally select a caregiver just for you based on needs and personality.

    5. Take comfort – Peace of mind in making the right decision for you or your loved one brings great comfort. Affordable Care at Home takes every step with you as you plan for in-home care, and we stay with you every step of the way afterward with a promise that, with us, you are always in the best of hands.

    The journey toward finding the perfect in-home care provider for you is well worth the trip. Affordable Care at Home is here to answer your questions, discuss your needs, create your personal care plan and, above all, be there for you every step of the way with listening ears, capable hands and a compassionate heart. Our clients are our family, and providing quality care to those in our care is what we do best. Please feel free to reach out and call our office so that we can bring you, on your journey toward in-home care, home.