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Support When Away from Home

  • By Admin on April 26, 2018
  • At times, being admitted to a hospital or rehabilitation center may be unavoidable in order to get specific treatment. Length of stay can vary, and feeling uneasy in an unfamiliar place is common. You may find that you or your loved one must be in a hospital or other facility for quite some time, and there may not be someone who can be there for that duration. Having someone who will sit with you, listen, take notes and be a companion can make all the difference when you have to be away from home.

    Our trusted caregivers here at Affordable Care at Home provide quality care to clients whether in their home or away receiving treatment at a facility. In some cases clients are already receiving our in-home care services and at some point find they must enter a hospital. At the client’s request, their caregiver can continue to be by their side during their stay. In other cases, individuals may request a caregiver who can be at their loved one’s side and provide support during a hospital stay. Whatever the situation may be, Affordable Care at Home can help make your time away from home more comfortable by:

    • Offering support

    • Listening

    • Playing games

    • Taking notes

    • Relaying information to loved ones

    • Conversing

    • Offering meal assistance

    • Companionship

    • And more

    Personal care doesn’t have to be limited to your home; rather, care can follow you during your time of need. Clients receiving our in-home care services and their caregivers form a special bond. When clients must leave their home, they often feel more comfortable having their caregiver be with them when away. Others may not be receiving in-home care, but would benefit from having one of our compassionate caregivers with them at a hospital or rehabilitation center. Affordable Care at Home accommodates those in need of support in either situation. We understand the unease that can come from having to be in a treatment facility, and that having someone by your side during that time can make a world of difference. We at Affordable care at Home are here to provide you with the support you need while at home or away.