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Spring Cleaning with Affordable Care at Home

  • By Admin on April 05, 2018
  • The spring season can bring with it feelings of new beginnings and fresh starts. By now, much of the holiday-induced rushing around and planning are behind us, and guests may even be starting to return to their own homes. We can take a moment to breathe and go about our usual routines. Yet, after the dust has settled from visiting loved ones and holiday happenings, you may look around and realize the dust really has settled, and perhaps it has taken residence all over your home. Spring may be in the air, but along with it comes some much needed spring cleaning.

    Affordable Care at Home offers a wide range of in-home care services to those in our care, including heavy cleaning. While some in-home care providers may offer cleaning services, we extend our service beyond typical straightening up to a thorough, deep cleaning of our client’s home. We understand the importance of living in cleanly surroundings and the role that it plays in staying healthy and quality of life. For many reasons including injury, age, illness, health issues, memory loss and more, those in need of in-home care services may find certain aspects of cleaning difficult. Affordable Care at Home wants only the best care for our clients, and we are happy to offer heavy cleaning that includes:

    • Vacuuming and mopping

    • Disinfecting and dusting surfaces

    • Scrubbing bathrooms and tile

    • Moving furniture and appliances to clean underneath and behind them

    • Washing windows

    • Laundry

    • Ironing

    • Organizing

    • Putting away holiday decor

    • Sweeping porches and around doorways

    • Changing light bulbs

    • Calling a repairman and monitoring their stay should a repair need to be made

    • Calling and arranging lawn care

    • And more

    Feeling the need to start fresh by sprucing up your home and completing any overdue projects can come with the change in season. Here at Affordable Care at Home, our services help support quality living all year round. We want each of our clients to live the best life possible, and we offer services that bring not only the care they need, but the care their home needs as well.