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Special Needs Care with Affordable Care at Home

  • By Admin on January 11, 2018
  • Affordable Care at Home is a trusted provider of in-home care services to the communities of the Treasure Coast and surrounding areas. During our years of dedicated service, we have been able to help those who may have otherwise been forced into a care center stay right in the comfort of their own home. When clients are living alone or do not have someone to care for them full-time, our skilled and compassionate caregivers bring quality care right to their door. For many reasons, there may come a time when tending to one’s own needs becomes difficult. This can be the case for those dealing with an age-related issue, injury, illness or those with special needs.

    Here at Affordable Care at Home, we have experience caring for those with a wide range of abilities and disabilities. Our clients with special needs range in age from children to adults, and our highly trained caregivers are available to provide care from by the hour to around the clock. We are staffed with home health aides and certified nursing assistants who are registered with the board of nursing, meaning they were required to successfully complete training in caring for those with a variety of needs, including but not limited to those with special needs.

    Affordable Care at Home specializes in tailoring care plans for each unique individual. By listening to our clients and observing and assessing their needs within their own homes, our personal case managers develop a personalized plan specific to each person. Along with a tailored care plan, your personal case manager will also match you with a caregiver based on needs and personality. Each client and caregiver relationship is hand-selected to ensure that you are matched with a caregiver best suited to meet your needs. Your caregiver will be with you consistently rather than having a rotation of caregivers, as seen in some facilities. We believe consistency is important to maintain the comfortability of our clients and to ensure consistency in care. Our caregivers are able to professionally, competently and compassionately assist with:

    o Grooming and personal hygiene

    o Supervision

    o Medication reminders

    o Meal preparation and feeding

    o Transportation to appointments

    o Accompanying to stores and around town

    o Mobility around the house or outdoors

    o Ensuring surroundings are clean and organized

    o And much more

    Reliability, consistency, quality, professionalism and compassion. Affordable Care at Home is proud to offer our in-home care services to promote overall well-being and support quality of life. If you or a loved one requires special care, we are here to help. With experience, qualifications, dedication and sensitivity, Affordable Care at Home provides in-home care that meets a wide range of needs, including special needs. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call so that we can create a personalized care plan just for you, match you with a caregiver best suited to meet your needs, and welcome you as part of our family.