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Seasonal Ailments: Facing Cold and Flu Season with Affordable Care at Home

  • By Admin on December 07, 2017
  • ‘Tis the season for holiday cheer, merriment and joyful tidings. Busily preparing for the remaining festivities of the year as we look forward to upcoming celebrations offers that special kind of excitement and anticipation that only the holiday season can bring. However, this time of year also brings an elevated potential for putting a pause on our festive activities. Specifically prominent during the month of October and continuing through sometimes March and beyond is the elevated risk for contracting an illness. Yes, along with seasonal joys comes cold and flu season.

    Becoming ill with any sickness can surely halt not only our holiday spirit, but our daily living activities as well. Affordable Care at Home has always been and continues to be committed to client safety, and taking precaution against infections, bacteria and viruses is something we practice year-round. One of the added benefits our clients receive from utilizing our in-home care services is having a caretaker who can assist with daily needs during times of illness. Our highly-trained, compassionate caregivers not only provide quality in-home care services to our clients in times of health, but in times when health has been compromised as well. To help remedy seasonal maladies, Affordable Care at Home can assist by:

    • Calling your doctor and driving you to your appointment

    • Driving you to get your flu shot

    • Accompanying you to retrieve or refill your prescription

    • Providing medication reminders

    • Ensuring proper fluid in-take

    • Keeping your surroundings clean and disinfected

    • Providing updates for loved ones

    • Assisting with daily hygiene and grooming

    • Providing companionship

    Our clients and their loved ones have peace of mind knowing someone will be there to provide the care they need should a cold, the flu or other ailment arise. We at Affordable Care at Home are an in-home care company who promises to be with our clients every step of the way, including times of illness. We hope this cold and flu season comes and goes without interrupting the wonderful time of year the holiday season brings. If you or your loved one is considering in-home care, know that Affordable Care at Home is here for each of our clients, in sickness and in health.