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Running Holiday Errands with Affordable Care at Home

  • By Admin on December 21, 2017
  • There are only a few days left until that special morning dawns on our peaceful Treasure Coast. All over town we see store owners busily restocking popular items, shoppers finalizing and crossing items off from their lists and others relishing in the sight of festive decorations before they are taken down once more. Relatives and friends from afar are joining our community as well as they visit their families for the holiday season. Of course, having so much left to do within a short amount of time added with a temporary population spike, we also see an increase in traffic on the roads and thicker crowds at shopping centers. This can make conditions more difficult when running those holiday errands, especially for those with health issues, age-related ailments, mobility limitations or other conditions.

    Affordable Care at Home provides quality in-home care services to many clients with such conditions so that their day-to-day lives can continue to run as smoothly as possible. We notice that this time of year can make our schedules more filled and our to-do lists much longer, and we are here to help our clients check each item off their list so that they can enjoy this especially festive season as they always have. From making a trip (or two) to the grocery store, taking pets to the groomer, or getting that hair appointment before our homes become filled with guests, our compassionate caregivers can be seen around town assisting our clients by:

    • Providing safe transportation on our busy roads

    • Accompanying clients through crowded stores and parking lots

    • Helping find and place items in the cart

    • Offering mobility assistance

    • Carrying bags and loading them into the car

    • Ensuring client safety and well-being as errands are completed

    We wish all members of our community safe travels on the roads and through shopping centers as we make our final purchases and run our final errands before next week’s celebration. Affordable Care at Home continues to support our clients in their daily lives and routines as we make our way toward the end of the holiday season and beyond.