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Personal Care Right at Home

  • By Admin on March 27, 2017
  • When it comes to needing personal care for you or your loved one, you may be thinking about your options. Care centers such as nursing homes and other facilities may be one of the first places that comes to mind as many see them as the only route to having their needs met. However, Affordable Care at Home offers personal in-home care services without the need to pack your belongings. Our qualified, compassionate, reliable caregivers are ready to provide the care you need right at home. Choosing in-home care has benefits that are getting harder and harder to find in other care facilities, no matter your age or level of ability. You may find they are not only hard to find, but replaced entirely by unfavorable conditions. Some commonly found risks and hazards in care facilities include:

    Overcrowding – an overabundance of those in need of care in one place may mean less supplies, equipment and attention available for you when you need them

    Understaffing – not enough caregivers means less time and care for each individual and an overworked, rotating staff who may not be fully aware of your needs or health conditions

    Unfamiliar surroundings – negative impacts on your attitude, personality and outlook on life may arise from having to leave your home

    More generalized care – many different caregivers coming and going may mean less personal care for you

    Wet floors, bed height and poor lighting – these hazards can increase your risk of injury due to a fall

    Spread of disease or infection –sharing a space with a large number of individuals who may not be in good health increases your chance for becoming ill as well.

    It is important to research any method of care you or your loved one will be receiving and consider the benefits and risks. Affordable Care at Home offers an alternative option for those seeking more personal care in the comfort of their own home. You can rest easy knowing that you or spouse, parent, child or other loved one is reaping the benefits of having:

    • One-on-one care
    • A reliable, consistent caregiver
    • The comfort and safety of home
    • A personalized care routine
    • A tailored care plan
    • Easy and quick access to all personal items and necessities
    • Care on your schedule

    Affordable Care at Home is happy to offer our clients on the Treasure Coast quality in-home care services. If you would like to receive personal care at home, please give us a call. We are here to meet your personal care needs without you having to leave your doorstep. Let quality, compassionate, reliable care come to you.