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Meal Preparation

  • By Admin on March 11, 2019
  • Part of everyday wellness is making sure you get the proper nutrition you need. Maintaining healthy eating habits is one way to boost the body’s overall condition. A balanced diet can help with reducing health risks, reaching and maintaining a healthy weight and boosting energy. While eating well is important for optimum functioning, life changes can interfere with following this routine on a daily basis.

    When certain needs change due to illness, injury, aging, or medical condition, focus may sometimes be placed more so on other aspects of personal care. It may be easier to eat the quickest, nearest option and pay more mind to other tasks. Consuming foods that are low in nutritional value or not eating as much as your body needs can produce negative effects, though this can happen when shopping for such foods and preparing meals becomes difficult.

    Affordable Care at Home understands the importance of maintaining one’s health, and we are committed to helping those in need of care continue to live a healthy lifestyle. Along with meeting every day needs such as bathing, grooming, dressing and maintaining one’s environment, we know that nutrition is also key. Meal preparation is a service that can be selected when receiving in-home care. Your caregiver can help with:

    • Food shopping

    • Preparing meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner

    • Ensuring food is stored properly

    • Removing spoiled or expired food

    • Feeding assistance

    • Following doctor’s orders if a specific diet or food restrictions have been placed

    • Cleaning up after meals

    When circumstances change and certain routines become more difficult, it can be easy to worry. Affordable Care at Home wants you to know that requiring daily living support doesn’t mean a pause is placed on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Your caregiver can offer healthy meals, mobility assistance for increased movement, and much more. Eating well doesn’t have to take a backseat when needs change. Affordable Care at Home finds caregivers who are able to meet each in-home care client’s care needs, including those seeking services that promote wellness.