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Living with Alzheimer’s Disease: Raising Awareness and Offering Support

  • By Admin on November 02, 2017
  • November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Month. Throughout the next few weeks, a light will be shone more pointedly at this disease to raise awareness for those living with Alzheimer’s in hopes that one day it will be even better understood, identified and treated. Affordable Care at Home would like to help raise awareness in honor of those who suffer from this disease as well as offer our care and support.

    Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common form of dementia and affects the areas of the brain responsible for thought-processing, behavior and memory as well as the neuron’s ability to carry messages to different parts of the brain. One of the earliest signs of this disease is difficulty retaining new information. With Alzheimer’s being a progressive disease, ability to recall information, complete daily tasks, and communicate effectively is something that deteriorates and worsens over time. Since Alzheimer’s has such a profound impact on brain function, the daily lives of those affected are impacted greatly, making independent living increasingly difficult.

    Along with being an in-home care provider for those needing assistance with their daily tasks and routines due to injury, illness, various health issues or age, Affordable Care at Home is also proud to serve our clients living with Alzheimer’s and their families. With our knowledgeable and experienced staff, we carefully match each client with a caregiver best suited to meet their needs. Whether you need someone to be there part-time, full-time or around the clock throughout the day and night, we are here to accommodate your schedule. With compassion and professionalism, our caregivers can help by providing quality in-home care services such as:

    • Bathing and grooming

    • Medication reminders

    • Transportation

    • Cleaning

    • Food preparation and eating

    • Dressing and undressing

    • Hygienic care

    • Appointment reminders

    • Recording information for a later time

    • Communicating with families regarding their loved one’s daily activities and abilities

    • Providing companionship

    • Organizing

    • And more

    Alzheimer’s has a large scale impact on the lives of those who have been diagnosed with this disease. If you or your loved one is experiencing memory loss, difficulty retaining new information, communication impairment, confusion or difficulty with daily tasks, please speak to your doctor as these symptoms could be signs of the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease. Furthermore, if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and is in need of daily assistance, Affordable Care at Home is here with experience, training, and compassion to meet your in-home care needs. Our dedication and commitment to serving our clients living with Alzheimer’s continues as we join in raising awareness and offering our unending support.