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Living a Healthy Lifestyle with Affordable Care at Home

  • By Admin on March 01, 2018
  • The state of our health plays a key role in our quality of life. When compromised, we may see a difference right away in regards to how capable we are in functioning during daily tasks. In other cases, signs of impaired health are more gradual and may be taken lightly until symptoms worsen. While common illnesses can dissipate without the need for much intervention, they can be a more serious concern for those in already poor health. There are many reasons one may be more susceptible to illness or in a state where they are more likely to receive a concerning diagnosis, and there are certainly circumstances that arise that are simply out of our control. This is why it is so important to do what we can to keep our health in optimal shape, and some key ways to do this are eating well, staying active and seeing your doctor.

    We at Affordable Care at Home are dedicated to providing in-home care services that support quality of life for all of our clients. Offering services to those in our care that help maintain healthy living is something we are pleased to provide. Obstacles that interfere with one’s ability to stay active, drive to appointments and prepare healthy meals can come about for a variety of reasons, and those in need of in-home care may certainly face these challenges. Affordable Care at Home is happy to offer services to overcome such obstacles, including:

    • Assistance with grocery shopping: Your caregiver can accompany you to the grocery store and help with placing food into the cart, walking through the aisles, and checking out at the register. Your caregiver can also assist with having groceries delivered to your door by calling a delivery service or going online.

    • Meal preparation: Your caregiver can assist with preparing healthy meals and ensuring they are prepared and stored properly.

    • Feeding assistance: Your caregiver can help with feeding if needed.

    • Transportation: Your caregiver can drive you to and from your doctor’s appointments (and other locations) to ensure you are able to see your doctor as scheduled and as often as needed. Getting regular check-ups is important to monitoring your health.

    • Mobility assistance: Your caregiver can help you with moving about your home or outdoors for fresh air and exercise.

    • Medication reminders: Your caregiver can keep track of when it is time to take your medication to help ensure you are taking it as instructed by your doctor. This is also important when it comes to maintaining your health.

    Doing what we can to avoid health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure issues, stroke and more involves living a healthy lifestyle. Eating well, staying active, seeing your doctor and taking required medications can help reduce your risk for complications. Affordable Care at Home is committed to the well-being of our clients and continues to offer services that help support healthy living. With mindfulness, support, compassion and quality care, we at Affordable Care at Home are dedicated to helping you live the best life possible.