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Household Care with your In-Home Care

  • By Admin on August 28, 2018
  • Maintaining a home’s integrity not only benefits one’s resale value, but one’s general well-being as well. Keeping up with repairs, upgrades, landscaping and other chores is a necessity that can become increasingly difficult when a homeowner is faced with health conditions or limitations. There may come a time when your home isn’t the only thing in need of care, and when that time comes you can rest easy know there is an in-home care provider available with services that cater to you and your household needs.

    Affordable Care at Home has been providing in-home care services to our clients with a commitment to go above and beyond. We feel that one’s surroundings can have an effect on mood and even health, so we offer services that help our clients and the places they call home. Our reliable, compassionate caregivers can assist with daily chores as well as oversee work that may need to be done in the home. We are happy to help by:

    • Heavy cleaning (under furniture and appliances, mopping, scrubbing bathrooms, disinfecting surfaces, etc.)

    • Ensuring areas of the home are free from clutter and tripping hazards

    • Changing light bulbs

    • Calling for repairs and being there when repairs are preformed

    • Calling for lawn care, power washing services or driveway repairs

    • Support with paying household bills online

    • Organizing household items such as paperwork, food, clothing, etc.

    • Cleaning out air filters

    Here at Affordable Care at Home, we recognize the importance of being comfortable in your own home, and when your house is in fine working order you can better enjoy your surroundings. With cleanly living spaces that promote good health and positivity and an upkeep with repairs that promote continued convenience, we are here to provide the in-home care you need and deserve. For an in-home care experience that goes above and beyond daily personal care, call Affordable Care at Home.