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Continuing Traditions with Affordable Care at Home

  • By Admin on November 16, 2017
  • The time of year is upon us once again where many Treasure Coast residents are readying their homes for impending guests and purchasing fine foods fit for a feast. With much to do before next week’s annual celebration, many local stores will be bustling as shoppers scramble to find the perfect finishing touches for their upcoming meal and selecting holiday attire to fit the occasion. While Thanksgiving brings families together to sit beside one another and give thanks, the final weeks and days leading up to the event can feel like a marathon.

    Affordable Care at Home helps our clients receiving our in-home care services feel as least restrictive as possible so that they may enjoy their life the way that suits them best. That’s why, when it comes to this very busy time of year, we step in so that they may continue celebrating as they always have. For some, this may include assistance with going through festive décor once stored away on shelves to place around the house, while others may need assistance with more involved tasks. Our clients are able to benefit from our above and beyond caregivers who go out of their way to make each day manageable and purposeful. This is also true during the holiday season when many wish to celebrate as in years past. Our caregivers are able to help our clients continue their traditions this Thanksgiving by:

    • Providing transportation to grocery stores and other shopping centers

    • Accompanying through each store to ensure safety and assist with shopping

    • Assisting with meal preparation

    • Decorating

    • Heavy cleaning before and after

    • Helping arrange guest lists and phone relatives

    • Providing transportation to and from homes of family or friends if they are hosting

    • Storing leftovers in proper containers

    • And more

    All around our coastal town fellow members of our community will be preparing and organizing for the Thanksgiving holiday now through next week. We wish everyone safe shopping and travels during this time. Affordable Care at Home continues to prepare as well with our clients and their families. For those who have already joined our Affordable Care at Home family, we are more than happy to provide the support you need every day, including the holidays. For those who may be thinking of in-home care, we look forward to bringing you only the best so you may enjoy and celebrate year-round.