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Affordable Care at Home: Preparing Together

  • By Admin on September 06, 2017
  • Florida’s Treasure Coast is no stranger to troublesome weather. When storm clouds gather and watches are put into place, recommendations to prepare, or even evacuate, can become widespread. Now that we are in the peak of hurricane season, a watchful eye should be kept on the weather and possible weather-related threats. Affordable Care at Home closely monitors these conditions as well, placing the safety of our clients as our top priority. In the unfortunate event of a hurricane or strong storm, our staff helps those in our care to prepare.

    Along our shores and beyond many are now taking precaution against possible hurricane implications. We at Affordable Care at Home are busy preparing as well, assisting in any way we can. Clients who live alone or have families living elsewhere may find it difficult to take all of the necessary steps to ensure safety. Our compassionate staff can help by not only seeing to your daily needs, but helping you with storm readiness such as:

    • Gathering necessary supplies: batteries, flashlights, first aid kit

    • Placing important documents in safe containers

    • Shopping for water and nonperishable food items

    • Arranging for shelter/transportation in the event of evacuation

    • Calling for assistance with placing storm shutters on your home

    • Arranging for shelter for your pets if they must be left behind

    • Monitoring of weather conditions

    • Bringing outside items inside

    • Help with refilling any necessary medications

    • Providing companionship

    The safety and well-being of our clients is of utmost importance. Those receiving in-home care services should always feel safe in their homes, even during a storm. Affordable Care at Home is here to help our clients prepare and stay informed regarding weather-related situations and aftermath. Our thoughts are with our clients, our staff, their families, and all in our community during times of potential hazardous weather. We at Affordable Care at Home provide quality in-home care to those in need of our services, and that care doesn’t stop during the preparation of a storm. In preparing together, we will be stronger together.