Safe Travels with Affordable Care at Home

It’s a privilege enjoyed by many. Being able to get into your vehicle and drive yourself wherever need be is a freeing, self-sufficient feeling. After passing the driver’s test and smiling (or not) for an identifying photo, that shiny, plastic rectangle sits in our wallets without a second thought unless the need for it to be shown or renewed arises. As the years go by, however, it may come to mind more and more. Some injuries and medical issues can inhibit our abilities to safely drive ourselves from place to place. Some conditions that may affect one’s ability to get behind the wheel include:

  • Limited movement and flexibility in muscles and joints. This can be related to an injury or arthritis.
  • Slowed or delayed reflexes
  • Impaired vision due to glaucoma, macular degeneration or cataracts
  • Memory loss – a common early symptom for individuals with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.
  • Hearing loss
  • Taking certain medications
  • Other medical conditions

When any of these factors affect your driving capabilities, your risk of getting into an automobile accident and injuring yourself, or others, increases. You may be concerned that one of more of these conditions will keep you homebound. Though in-home care services typically take place inside one’s home, Affordable Care at Home is pleased to extend your care beyond your doorstep. Transportation is an available option we offer for our clients who wish to get out and about while under our care. The safety and well-being of our clients has always been and continues to be our top priority. We hold our caregivers to the highest of standards, ensuring that they are qualified, skilled, competent and reliable before hire. If you require transportation as part of your care plan, you can rest easy knowing you are in the capable hands.

Offering a wide variety of services to meet the specific needs of our clients is something in which we take tremendous pride. Our caregivers provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere while these services are rendered whether inside your home or while out in the town. Doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, visiting a friend or family member, going to the store or simply getting out in the fresh air are all made possible. You can still be on the go with Affordable Care at Home.